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Beekeeping at Tiger Hall


Nucs for Sale

Gentle and productive bees reared from British queens - reserve yours now.  


We are taking orders for 5 frame nucs for 2015 now - and the sooner you reserve your nuc, the earlier you will get it. Current bookings will ensure supply in early June 2015 (or sooner if weather conditions in the spring permit early mating of queens.)


The nucs will include our own 2015 queens reared and mated in our apiary, selected for gentleness and good behaviour. They are the same bees we use on our beginners courses.  All nucs exceed the BBKA Standard (see here.)


Nucs are £170 each, collected.  For an extra £30 we can deliver (£35 for Saturday delivery). To reserve your nuc(s) - £25 deposit per nuc by card or PayPal - just click on the Pay Now button below.

Delivery Options (paid later)


If you prefer to order your bees by ‘phone, please call us on 01694 723484. Or you can send us a cheque - see contact page for details.  If you would like a gift token for the bees, please let us know when you order.


The bees are on self spaced (Hoffman) National frames - ie they will fit National or WBC hives.  Queens will be marked and clipped - no extra charge - unless you specify otherwise. The nuc comes in a white Correx nuc box, which is included.  We are in Church Stretton in Shropshire, near the A49.


(You don’t have to come on the course to order bees.  But it may help!)